Are Bloggers Journalists?

The fact that you blog, are you a Journalist? The question that we argued over lunch at #ITWebSocial Summit 2013 with @BontleMoeng  , @lilly_tech and @TkaySA and I promised them I would post a blog post.

Let’s start with definitions (my favourite way in any argument)

Blogger – a person who keeps and updates a blog.

Journalist – A person who writes for newspapers or magazines or prepares news to be broadcast on radio or television.

So by definition, the fact that WeszMadz blogs doesn’t make me a Journalist but just a person who keeps and updates a blog. (I LIKE)

But what is a blog?

A Blog – A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.

4 thoughts on “Are Bloggers Journalists?

  1. Well. I don’t really know how to answer this, I have a personal blog: and I write for other various publications, both print and online. I didn’t study journalism nor did I apply to write for these publications – they approached me after they’ve read some of my work. Some call me an entertainment reporter, some call me a journo and some call me a columnist but I call myself a blogger. What would you call me?

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