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When will the Market Recover?

Geoff Morgan “You know, maybe it has recovered. Maybe this is the new-normal. Maybe, the way it is now, is just… as good as it gets”

Greg Savage says “build a business that makes good money in this environment. This could well be the way it is, forever”. If what you are doing now does not deliver in this environment, change what you do. Reshape your business, or your offering, or your skill set, to fit the realities of now. And while you are about it, stop whining about the tough market. Suck it up, princess. Because this just may be as good as it gets.

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The rise of dual screening

Thanks Wesz for letting me guest post! I would like to share an extract from the Mobile Recruiting Guide 2012 which I co-authored. You can download the guide for free.

Mobile and tablet devices may not provide the user with a keyboard or high powered computing capabilities but they do deliver unparalleled convenience. These highly portable devices switch on at a touch of button with no waiting and are always connected to the web. 

“Arms reach” and “use anywhere” convenience has driven a dramatic rise of dual screen consumption. The mass market is now interacting with mobile web from the sofa or the bed, often while watching the TV at the same time. A UK national TV broadcaster recently carried out research which found that 60% of their audience was browsing the web from a mobile / tablet while watching TV. The implications of mass mobile web consumption in the home over WiFi, instead of on the move via cellular networks has revolutionized traditional assumptions of mobile web and driven huge levels of mobile video content consumption.

The mobile web adoption rates for South Africa and neighbouring markets show that mobile is the primary Internet connection for many people.

If you consider the tight coupling between mobile and social media it quickly becomes clear that any company pursuing a social recruiting strategy is wasting their time if they are not engaging a mobile strategy at the same time.

The Mobile Recruiting Guide 2012 is aimed to provide strategic and tactical advice to support companies implementing mobile recruiting.

If you have mobile recruiting questions or have recently released an recruiting mSite please tweet me so I can blog about! (@Mobile_Dave)

Check out this US centric infographic which summarises todays circumstances.

Recruitment industry #fail the candidate

My Comment on the Dave Martin Blog

http://mobiledave.me/2012/01/05/recruitment-industry-fail-the-candidate/#comments Image

Wesley Madziva says : January 6, 2012 at 9:21 am

Thanks to Dave for sharing and enlightening me on Mobile Recruitment when I met with him in Johannesburg. After having met him we then realised we needed a mobile site or mobile optimised site. Shockingly in South Africa I failed to find even one employment mobi site up to today and still searching.

Here are some South African Stats

1) 87% of South African working adults use a mobile phone (AMPS 2010AB)

2) There are almost 4.7 times more households with a cellphone than a computer  +- 1:5 ratio (AMPS 2010AB)

3) 11.5m mobile data users (AMPS 2010AB) 4) 200,000 South Africans are using their location aware applications like Nokia Ovi Maps, and other top navigation apps (Mobitainment)

Yes as a result we have jumped on the bandwagon and working on our mobi site.

The December 20, 2011 List of largest mobile sites in SA (Effective Measure partner to Digital Media and Marketing) had 18 sites listed of which

1) 39% were general news sites

2) 11% general sports news sites

3) 17% soccer/football sites

4) 5.5% Cell Network provider site

5) 5.5% Classified aid site

6) 5.5% Digital Satellite Television site

7) 5.5% Car Sales Site

8) 5.5% Magazine site

9) 5.5% other I am aiming to make sure we fall into this category of SA largest mobile sites.

Therefore Dave to answer your question we have done something about..