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WeszMadz Top Tweets from #ITWebSocial

A selection of the Tweets I found interesting from the ITWeb Social Media Summit 2013

Mo – Ya’eesh@Mo_Yaeesh You know you’re a geek at a geek event when no ones talking to eachother and everyone is frantically typing away #ITWebSocial

@marshyp16m: Thanx to @WeszMadz and @tallulahlucy for the Social Media Summit tweets yol got me glued to my timeline #ITWebSocial

@ITWeb #ITWebSocial “Don’t let your customers have more technology than you – otherwise they’ll beat you up with it.” – @ryanhogarth

@DavidGrahamSA @weszmadz . . . and make the investment to learn, understand and master all the functions and features offered by LinkedIn #ITWebSocial

@Mo_Yaeesh Jeez these Microsoft dudes could bring about world peace with a simple presentation.. Hide your women #ITWebSocial

@Jeanine_F Except that I am freaking out & going through my feed with a fine tooth comb, @mngomezulu_n ‘s talk on SM law was amazing

@TkaySA “When great minds come together, anything is possible…” Thank you #itwebsocial

@WeszMadz Putting Social Icons on Your Website is NOT a Social Media Strategy #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Use CRM and social together to maximize revenue #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Social is not a destination! It is a capability that provides a transportation service #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Get Mobile! #ITWebSocial almost every speaker is saying Go Mobile! Be Mobile!

@WeszMadz Use Hashtags to be found #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Social Media Landscape is changing everyday. Change your strategy on a regular basis #ITWebSocial


@WeszMadz Companies are blocking Social Media access at work but they have follow us icons on their websites #ITWebSocial

@tallulahlucy: So in other words I’d better never say anything dodgy because I’m totally associated with my company #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz Don’t bring your employer into disrepute as a result of your comments on Social Media #ITWebSocial it can be used in your disciplinary

@WeszMadz You may publish something that’s defamatory as long as you can back it up. fair comment #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz You have the right to privacy but is your expectation of that privacy reasonable #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz No platform will be a success if there is no strategy #ITWebSocial we have different platforms for a reason.

@liamarus Don’t cut and paste one post across all social media platforms #hrpulse #ITWebsocial

@WeszMadz Data is a pain point, we are the 12th most expensive Internet in the world! #ThankYouTelkom #ITWebSocial

@WeszMadz There is no space for B2B on Mxit, they are no deals! It’s about search then you sorted, it’s about B2C on Mxit #itwebsocial

@Mo_Yaeesh: I think there should be a day dedicated purely to Social Media Law – Very insightful #itwebsocial

@jonmetricas @RichSimmondsZA @WeszMadz @jamaaludeen most popular users at #ITWebSocial http://twtb.in/2F7E13uhze8  via @TweetBinder

TweetBinderAccording to TweetBinder.com #ITWebSocial. WeszMadz was the Most Active User and the Most Original Tweets Generated. Oh Yes! I also won a R1000 Kalahari.com Voucher!! What a fruitful day. Thank You ITWeb!

Comparison: 2012/2013 SA’s Largest HR Recruitment Trend

MCI Consultants, the largest distributor of staffing software in Southern Africa, announced the results of its 2013 SA HR Recruitment Trend Survey which saw the participation of 1012 HR professionals from across the country over a period of 30 days.


WeszMadz compares their 2012 results to 2013 results

Organisations that use a recruitment management system [2012 52% / 2013 43%]

Organisations that had an annual staff turnover rate of less than 10% [2012 58% / 2013 59%]

Organisations that attempt to source and place candidates internally before approaching recruitment agencies [2012 93% / 2013 87%]

Organisations that rely on internal staff to refer candidates to HR for hiring consideration [2012 56% / 2013 52%]

Organisations that have an employee candidate referral rewards program in place [2012 58% / 2013 61%]

Organisations that do not primarily make use of recruitment agencies to fill their requirements [ 2012 58% / 2013 56%]

Organisations that have between 1 and 5 recruitment agencies on their preferred supplier list [2012 40% / 2013 44%]

On Social Media

Organisations that use social media to recruit candidates [2012 53% / 2013 58%]

Organisations that use job portals to advertise vacancies [2012 64% / 2013 68%]

Organisations that use print media to advertise vacancies [2012 65% / 2013 65%]

2013 Social Networks that gave the best results

69% LinkedIn. 18% Facebook. 7% Twitter. 7% Google+

Placement Fees

Fees charged 21% Cost to Company [2012 2.8% / 2013 3%]

Fees charged 16-20% Cost to Company [2012 16.3% / 2013 14%]

Fees charged 11-15% Cost to Company   [2012 46.5% /  2013 46%]

Fees charged 6-10% Cost to Company [2012 17.6% / 2013 20%]


A word from MCI

“This is the second consecutive year that we have run this survey.  Due to the overwhelming response, we can definitively say that this is the largest survey of its kind ever to be conducted in South Africa,” commented Rhett Davies, Partner at MCI.

“The results of this survey clearly indicate that HR departments and professionals of corporate SA have become extremely proactive and are managing a bulk of their recruitment internally. Interestingly though, there was an increase of 6% in the number of corporates utilising agencies as their first port of call. This year’s results also showed a remarkable increase of 5% in the number organisations utilising Social Media to recruit which aligns with the growing global trend.”

Wesley Says

  • More recruitment agencies are now charging less. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  • Google+ and Twitter will definitely change those percentages in 2014
  • Print Media still hanging in there but Social Media Use on the rise. Recruitment firms brace yourselves or this decade will leave you behind
  • Am every worried about a decrease in recruitment management system use. How are you gonna manage all the social media responses if you don’t have a system?

ORTAMBO Customer Experience – The Social Media Lesson

On my way back to my car on 16 January 2013 at ORTAMBO Airport this happened when paying for parking  to about 5 of us

ORTAMBO responded

Quick Response, they really want to help, I’m thinking, Yeah Right

This is getting serious now, they want to refund the R5

By then I had left the change and the building 


Three Weeks Later……

I land at ORTAMBO from one of my business trips and I check-in on FourSquare and send the check in to Twitter

And then this happens! 


Howz that for Customer Experience, Use of Social Media. Am still wondering how they remembered after three weeks

WeszMadz Blog selected as Blogger of the day 14 June 2012

On the 14th of June 2012 PaperBlog selected WeszMadz as their blogger of the day! Yeah! Thanks PaperBlog! Am Thrilled!

But who or what is PaperBlog?

What is Paperblog? Paperblog helps you find quality articles from the blogosphere, providing a participatory media site where talented experts and enthusiasts can share their knowledge and experience. The best and most relevant articles are not easy to find amongst all the blogs online. Paperblog identified the need to find the best blogs around, offering quality articles to a growing readership.In the first trimester of 2011, Paperblog International received 10 million regular visitors from throughout the world

Here is a snapshot of the day I was blogger of the day from the PaperBlog Site! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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